What is PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment. Masks, face shields, gloves, etc.

What are we making?

We are making fabric masks, face shields, and elastic anchor straps! All of our available PPE items may be viewed and purchased through our online store: http://www.geekgirlstuff.com/PPE-c48264311

Why are the items so cheap?

Our PPE items are being sold “at cost”, or as close to “at cost” as possible. There’s no gimmick. Yes, each face mask and elastic anchor strap are 3d printed in our homes. Plastic sheets are cut, and masks are hand sewn. We’re in good health, and trying to do our part to help people during this crisis.

If you’re in a position, please consider donating to help us out during this crisis: http://www.geekgirlstuff.com/donate/

What are face shields?

Face shields utilize a 3d printed headband, held in place with an adjustable velcro strap, and hold a plastic sheet that hangs in front of your face. The shield completely covers and shields your face from potential droplets coming your way.

The plastic sheets can be replaced, as well as cleaned. Information on how to disinfect face shields may be found here: https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/prusa-face-shield-disinfection_125457/

Fabric masks!

Yep! We’re sewing fabric masks like crazy people. As of April 28th, we’ve sewn over 650 masks so far, and more are coming every day.

At this time, our masks utilize ribbon ties, although we do have some elastic coming, so we’ll be able to offer a variety of masks soon!

If you ordered a mask that is no longer available, but is still on the website, keep checking! That means we still have that fabric and will have more masks on the online store as soon as we have some made. If the item is no longer listed on the store, that means that we no longer have that fabric, and most likely won’t be able to find more of it.

Masks are being sewn and added to the shop as quickly as we can. This means that these are not made to order and we are unable to customize masks. These masks are the same, standard size as most fabric masks being sewn right now and are a variation of Deaconess’ pattern.

How to wear masks with fabric ties

Top ties go over your ears, and tie behind your head. We tie them in a bow, but you may tie however you like. Bottom ties tie behind your head, at the base of the skull. This ensures a good fit over as much of the face as possible.

How to wear masks with elastic

Loop the elastic bands over your ears. Or, purchase one of our anchor straps and hook the elastic onto the strap and place the strap behind your head. That’s a better way to go if you have a latex allergy, or are wearing masks for long hours.

Updates to our return policy

We’re in a pandemic right now, folks. Once an item ships, we will not be accepting returns. Let’s keep each other safe! We appreciate your understanding on that one.