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Notice: Printer is working, production has resumed!

Each shield headband takes between 3-5 hours to 3d print, which is the biggest kink in the hose. We have two printers working on these to get them made as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience!

Each face shield has a 3d printed headband with an adjustable velcro strap to hold it in place. Because elastic is impossible to find right now. The shield is cut plastic, held in place by protruding pins in the headband. It's a snug fit, but we also include a set of caps just in case.

The headband design is a modification of Prusa's design, but it fits the face really well.

Please note: Headbands are printed in black PLA filament until we run out, then they'll be printed in whatever fun colors we have in stock. 🙂
If you need PETg filament, just drop that in a note during checkout. We have a spool of PETg available as well, no extra cost.

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